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Announcing Your Winnings

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You have spent hours and hours trying to figure out how to win free prizes. You entered sweepstakes and answered questions and spent hours online trying to win free prizes. Now that you have finally won, the fun part begins. How are you going to tell your friends and family that you won? Here are some ways that you can make sure to announce the good news to those you love.

Call Them
One way that you can alert those you know that you have won a great prize is by calling them. This is often the quickest way, though if you have a long list of people this could take some time. It might be a good idea to get the message listed out so that you are able to just say the message, avoid questions, and get on to the next person as quickly as possible. A quicker way is to email because you can get to everyone all at once.

Radio Announcement
Want a great way to announce that you have won something without all of the hassle of telling everyone that you know? Why not put it on the radio? You can send in a short little commercial and then make sure that everyone you know is listening to the station when it comes on. Be prepared for all of the calls that might be coming in soon because everyone is going to want to congratulate you.

Send a Card
You can either do this online or send an actual card. You can pick the card that you want and then send a little message announcing that you have won. You should pick the people who are the most important to you to receive the message otherwise you will be spending all day long sending these cards.

Make a video
If you have won a big competition, you might want to consider making a video. Announce that you have won or do it in a song or some other method. Edit it and get it to look the way that you would like and then send it over to those you would like to know about the event. You could even put it up on the web and send people to the link in case their emails are not able to hold that much storage. This can be a way to creatively announce your big prize win to those you love.


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