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Announcing Your Winnings

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You have spent hours and hours trying to figure out how to win free prizes. You entered sweepstakes and answered questions and spent hours online trying to win free prizes. Now that you have finally won, the fun part begins. How are you going to tell your friends and family that you won? Here are some ways that you can make sure to announce the good news to those you love.

Call Them
One way that you can alert those you know that you have won a great prize is by calling them. This is often the quickest way, though if you have a long list of people this could take some time. It might be a good idea to get the message listed out so that you are able to just say the message, avoid questions, and get on to the next person as quickly as possible. A quicker way is to email because you can get to everyone all at once.

Radio Announcement
Want a great way to announce that you have won something without all of the hassle of telling everyone that you know? Why not put it on the radio? You can send in a short little commercial and then make sure that everyone you know is listening to the station when it comes on. Be prepared for all of the calls that might be coming in soon because everyone is going to want to congratulate you.

Send a Card
You can either do this online or send an actual card. You can pick the card that you want and then send a little message announcing that you have won. You should pick the people who are the most important to you to receive the message otherwise you will be spending all day long sending these cards.

Make a video
If you have won a big competition, you might want to consider making a video. Announce that you have won or do it in a song or some other method. Edit it and get it to look the way that you would like and then send it over to those you would like to know about the event. You could even put it up on the web and send people to the link in case their emails are not able to hold that much storage. This can be a way to creatively announce your big prize win to those you love.


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How to Spend Your Free Money

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So you have finally done it. After months and months of entering sweepstakes, answering questions, and making sure that you got in to all of the free online competitions that are available, you have finally made the cut and won. You won a lot of money and now you have to decide how to spend it. Here are some options that can make the decision easier.

Pay off Debts
While this might not be the most glamorous option, it is sure going to help you out in the long run. It would not be much fun to win all of that money, spend it, and then find that you still have a lot of bills to pay at the end of the month. Take care of at least the most pressing bills. Of course, if you didn’t win the million dollar jackpot, it is fine to put a little bit back in order to spend it on yourself and just pay off one or two bills.

Go on a Trip
You worked hard for that money so why not spoil yourself a bit and go on a nice trip. This can open up a lot of possibilities and depending on the amount of money that you won, you can really have a lot of fun. Try to pick a place that you might not have gone otherwise or some place that you have never been to before. This is free money that you won and you might not have a chance to do it again. So live it up and have as much fun as you can.

Pamper Yourself
Since you have a little bit of extra money, why not make sure to pamper yourself just a little bit. Some people find that this is hard to do because they are so used to spending money on the house, their spouses, or their kids and other family. But you were the one that spent all of that time putting information in to forms, looking for competitions or product testing, and doing all of the other work that was required to win.

Make sure that you put back at least a little bit of the money so that you can be on your own and have some fun. Go and get a massage, get your hair or nails done, or just go out to eat at a fancy restaurant you couldn’t have afforded before. It is all about you with this money so enjoy it.


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Maximise Your Chances to Win Big With Online Competitions

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Nearly everyone has heard tales of people that win so much from online competitions that they don’t need to work! Maybe someone you know has managed to enjoy a free holiday each year due to success in free online competitions. Whilst it’s not always possible to make a living from online competitions (although people that have been lucky with a big cash prize or two do manage it), it is certainly possible to enjoy the opportunity of gaining free goodies if your entry is the lucky one! There’s no magic formula to winning, but the following suggestions will help ensure you maximise your chances of winning when you enter online competitions.

Be in it to win it!

Although it’s possible to enter only a handful of competitions and get lucky, the more that you enter, the more chances you have to win.

Dedicated compers often spend hours every day entering online competitions UK wide to maximise their opportunities of gaining a coveted prize.

Don’t worry if you can’t devote huge amounts of time to entering; every comp you take part in gives you a chance at the prize so just fill in a few entries when you’ve got a minute or so spare and increase the likelihood of carrying off a top prize.

Look for multiple prize contests

If you don’t have time to enter every competition you come across, try and prioritise those which offer multiple prizes for a single entry.

Obviously if there is more than one prize then your chances of winning something increase; you may not get the biggest top win, but frequently runners up prizes can be well worth the effort which entering entails.

If you don’t like the prize you receive, you can always sell it on or give it away to someone who will appreciate it.

Watch out for new online competitions

Fresh contests go live nearly every day, so keep an eye on what’s out there and make sure you get your entry in when you see a competition which interests you.

Competition forums and websites are excellent resources to find out when new competitions are on offer, ensuring you get your entry in well before the closing date.

Don’t forget to check your Inbox, as manufacturers will often send out competition offers as part of their regular mail shots.

If you request marketing information from the brands you crave, you stand a good chance hearing about any opportunities to win they might be offering.

Every day people are waking up to the news that they’ve won a life-changing sum of money, a holiday in Barbados, a brand new car or a state-of-the-art phone. With so many great prizes available, it makes sense to make entering online competitions a regular part of your day. Use the tips above to increase your chances to win and get ready to start enjoying fantastic prizes when you get lucky with an online competition win.

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