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Do People Really Win Big Prizes When They Enter Competitions Online?

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Do people really win online competitions? Are the prizes ever really sent out? How do you know if the promised rewards ever materialise? Many people ask these types of question each day, particularly if they’ve entered a few online competitions and not received a prize.

Of course lucky individuals do end up with some fantastic prizes from free online competitions, but what evidence is there that this is the case? If you’re cynical about you chance of winning a welcome holiday or fantastic new car through online competitions, a look at the following should reassure you.

Winners of online competitions are published

Once a competition has closed and the winners have been selected, the promotor will post up a list of the lucky winners.

This shows that some lucky contestants do end up scooping the tempting prizes on offer.

Although for privacy reasons the full address of the winning individuals isn’t published, it’s evident that real people have actually been successful.

Look on competition sites for information on online competitions winners

An appealing feature of most competition websites is the page dedicated to successful winners.

Usually when people have managed to win a prize through a competition they found on a forum, they post up details of their winnings as well as thanking the contributor who brought the competition to their attention.

Whilst sceptics might be inclined to think that a post or two isn’t genuine, when you consider the large number of posts from numerous individuals who are all happy winners, it’s clear that most of them aren’t fakes.

Online competitions really are a golden opportunity to win big!

Ask your friends and family

Comping is a popular hobby and when you start asking colleagues, relatives or friends about their history of competition wins, you’ll be surprised by how many have been the lucky recipient of a prize or two.

From holidays to Australia to a new oven or a bumper box of beauty care products, online competitions award real, tempting prizes to thousands of ordinary people every day.

It might even be the case that someone in your family has had the good fortune to enjoy a win; excellent proof that comping can yield rich rewards.

Happily for anyone entering free online competitions, there’s plenty of evidence to show that the vast majority are genuine opportunities to potentially gain exciting prizes simply for taking part. From delighted postings online to personal accounts of winning from people you know and trust, it’s clear that there is enormous potential to win successfully. As the saying goes “You gotta be in it to win it”, so take a few minutes to enter online competitions today and see if you’re going to be the next person to announce their success in scooping the prizes you crave!


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